Hour of Devastation Prerelease!

Hour of Devastation


What: Hour of Devastation Midnight, Saturday and Sunday Pre-Release

When: July 7th at Midnight, the very earliest we can be! July 8th at 11am and July 9th at 11am

How Much: $25

What do you get?: Each player will be given an Hour of Devastation Pre-Release Kit containing 6 booster packs of Hour of Devastation, a spin down life counter, and a stamped and dated promo card *

What’s on the line: Each player in the event adds 2 booster packs of Hour of Devastation into the prize pool that will be paid out with eveyone going home with at least one pack.

*Information subject to change are more is announced by Wizards of the Coast.

More info on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/gamesvilletabletop8/